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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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water meters to an independent company for testing. and several residents have told us that the city says they'll charge a $35 fee to have any of the personnel come out to their property to do an inspects. we reached out to the city to see if that fee would possibly be waived and we still have not heard back. 12 news. >> thank you. and one of the things the water company has been telling customers to check their home for leaks. and we continue our live team need to look out for on your property. will? looking at your bill is usually the first clue that something is wrong. there is an easy way to test before you call the plumber. >> and take a look at your meter to make sure it is spinning or whether or not it is not spinning. >> okay. >> let's go. >> most people know where their water meter is at. it is pretty easy to find. it is generally in your front
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box that is labeled water meet ir. if they have a digital one here, they're looking to see if any of the numbers are rotating or if the center dial on the older meter has a red arrow. it will be spinning in a circle. the first thing a homeowner would do to try to isolate whether they have a leak or not would be to go to their water, main water shut off at the front of their house. if they do have a water leak and they can visibly see that they have a water leak, they want to come to their water main, wh coming up to their house. it is a simple valve that they can shut on arrest off. make sure that there's no water pumps running, no pool pumps, sprinkler systems. and that technically should stop the meter from spinning. if it is still spinning, it would indicate that they have a leak in the house. by coming to their water heater, they would isolate where the water is coming in and they would simply shut that valve off as well. no okay.
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they would know that they had a hot side -- outside leak. if the water meter is still spinning after they have shut the water to the house off, they have a leak and they need to call a plumber anyway. we asked eric brian about what is going on in buckeye and if it could be as simple as a leak. he doesn't think so. that is 1 news. >> thank you. if you have also noticed a major hike in your water bill, you can reach out e-mail at and we will continue to reach out for answers. let's get a look at the hot headlines. an 18-year-old man is accused of launching a cyber attack ton valley's 911 system. the surprise police department received more than 100 calls tuesday night. investigators believe a link through twitter caused people's phones to dial 911 over and over. the teen is now in jail facing
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after an unusual chase through al tookie overnight. authorities say josh atkins refused to pull over for officers, but at one point during the pursuit, he did stop at an in-and-out burger. the officers ventally arrested him who was wanted for an outstanding warrant. notre dame in scottsdale has now fired the head coach mark nolan. it comes after the parents started a petition asking for action so their kids can take part in the a. put the school on probation early they are season after the coach allegedly had players practice in full pads during the summer, which is against the rules. and a suspect has been arrested for vandalizing donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of name. los angeles police say jamie otis was taken into custody for using a pick ax to deface the star. otis said he had planned to auction it off and raise money for the women who have accused
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let's go to decision 2016. donald trump is making another stop in the valley this saturday. his son, donald trump jr., making that announcement this afternoon furring a rally at -- during a rally at asu's tempe campus. brahm resnik is live now with what he had to say ands there protest his visit sparked. hi, bram. >> reporter: he was here to window millennials but outside the protesters were bitterly divided over his father. >> no more dead voters for hillary clinton. it's got to stop! >> reporter: shouting at old on both sides. protest oh eres going after each other. >> when you look at the problems that we have as a country, it is you guys. it is the millennials. you guys are going to get stuck with this. >> reporter: the 38-year-old father of five appealing to the students in the crowd. >> honestly, i'm not like a trump fan, but i would prefer him over hillary.
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>> i think he is more financially stable and more experience. >> reporter: this asu gym will be a polling place election day. trump's son urged the crowd to join his phater in the movement. >> and i sort of look around and say you must not know my father. i didn't allow him to do anything. >> this mock hillary clinton was also in the house. the republican millennials know the chance and think they know the candidate. >> hillary you guys. no and donald trump jr.'s crowd roughly equaled chelsea clinton's crowd at asu about a week ago of about 800. coming up at 6:00, what sheriff joe arpaio has to say about polls showing donald trump could lose arizona. live in tempe, brahm resnik, 12 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, donald trump sr. taking his campaign on a day- long swing through the battleground state of ohio. trump blasting what he says are
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clinton's personal finances. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of president. we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. >> trump is holding campaign events in new hampshire and maine tomorrow and then he plans again to come here to arizona on saturday. first lady michelle obama joined hillary con trail. they appeared side by side at a rally in the battleground constituent of north carolina. both stressing the importance of every vote and overaging supporters to turn out on election day. if hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us. it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her. >> clinton is getting some more
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bon jovi is holding a concert in pittsburgh on her behalf. well, you may not know it, but there's a major military operation hiding in plain sight right here in the valley. and only on 12 news we are taking you inside. team 12 is live at the 161st refueling wing at sky harbor with a look at the unit's unique mission. >> reporter: guys, this unit is so special, not just because it is based ri heart of phoenix, but because that mission that they have is on a global scale. right now we're in the heart of one of the k.c.-135s that you might see south of the runway at sky harbor. take a look at the space we have inside this plane. again, this thing holds 200,000 pounds of fuel. the folks attached to the 161st will take it as gas station in the sky to other aircraft. we're going to show you a
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all about. right now we want to take you up to the plane here. and i have the lieutenant colonel who is standing by to give us a little more insight about the crew it takes to bring that fuel to other aircraft. tell us about how many people are attached to this, inside this plane. >> first of all, it is a 50- year-old airplane and originally when it was designed, it was the backbone of the extra teasic air demand. today we're down the a crew of three. we have a pilot, a co-pilot and a boom operator who does the work in the back of and a delicate dance of air fueling. >> reporter: it is a delicate dance. the become of the plane. so here we go this way. you see all of this space. the boom pod, as nay call it, is in the very back of the men and the boom operator has to be on their belly with what looks like video game controls to actually deliver that fuel to other aircraft. we're going to show you what it looks like coming up only on 12 news at 6:00.
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>> all right. good stuff. thank you for that. well, this is the perfect time now to remind you that 12 news has partnered with hungry howie's for our treats for troops campaign. it is a way to say thanks to our men and women in uniform like the 161st refueling wing. >> and we have made it extra easy for you. all you have to do is donate your halloween candy to hungry howie's and their locations are all over the valley from november 1 to the 4th. those treats will go to support uso installations all across the state go to for more information. all right. we have some breaking news that we have to tell you about. this is happening in new york. an airplane carrying the republican vice presidential candidate mike pence apparently sliding off the runway while landing another la guardia airport. we're getting reports the plane made a rough impact when it landed. the pilot then had to slam ton brakes. >> pence told reporters a few minutes ago that he's fine and
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it has been snowing off and on in new york today. coming up on 12 news at 5:00, too hot to handle, the valley setting a new record today. so how long does this heat stick around? and i'm cameron cox live at the tempe art center. six new member ebbs go ing into the arizona sports hall of fame. i'll have that for you next here on 12 news. jo and here is a look at today -- and here is a look at today's social sound-off question. what are the best cities for we'll reveal that answer coming up on 12 news at 6:00. tonight, on on 12 news at 10:00. >> is your fast hang out on the dirty list? team 12 shows you how easy it is to check in on your local restaurants before you eat at your own risk.
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news at 10:00 and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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. jo a big night in the sports world and these guy two guys were the best to play their respective sports. randy johnson and adrien johnson are highlighting the 2016 class of inductees into the arizona spores hall of fame. >> and team 12 is live right now from the tempe center for the arts awaiting some big name arrivals on that red carpet. >> hey, cam. >> reporter: and hey, guys.
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attar center. we have some big names going into the hall of fame including bob don burr rant -- bob bondurant, randy johnson, the d. wachovias legend. the winningest head coach in suns' history. adrien wilson and then the former phoenix east high school native that is recognize right there. and he is taking interviews on the red carpet. he coached at phoenix east school from 1969 to 1982. he won five big school state titles. he went 5-1 in title games and her is coach now joining us live. and coach, the high school is in the around, but what you were able to do there, five state titles, just describe to me your time there at phoenix. >> reporter: it was great. i just loved our players. i was so proud of our player-to-
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all of that because it starts there. if you don't have that, then you are behind the eight ball a little bit. i'm so proud of what they were able to accomplish. i have always told them, you know, that the life is about relationships and about memories, and relationships, it starts with the guy upstairs and your mom and dad around your family and your elders and maybe your girlfriend or whatever and the teachers and the coaches and your teammates and all and then hopefully, you know, you have some memories of those people you feel good about and that's what life is about. and then to top it off, if you have some accomplishments with those -- within those memories, then you've got it all. and fortunately we had it all. so i just loved our school. we had a great school. >> reporter: you told me moments ago you'd still be coaching today if the school was around. you're go ing into the arizona harm with randies johnson, so
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what does this night mean to you to be inducted with this class? >> i am so humbled by this all. i mean this very sincerely. it is because of our athletes and the type of people they were and bus of the support that we had in the administration, the students, and the other athletes in the other sports. because of all of them, and our really fine assistant coach. i put our assistant coaches up with any staff an. everything, and something like this happens. it is not me. it is not i. it is we, us and ours. and i really mean that. everybody is going into this induction with me. it is not just me. >> reporter: coach, you are also a former sun devil. you led them to their first appearance. of all of the sun devils watching, give them a go devils real quick. >> go devils. that is one of the nicest
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basketball and baseball at arizona state and met my wife. it is great timing, so it is great. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> thank you cameron. i appreciate it. >> reporter: nice to meet you, sir. we're going to talk to randy johnson and the former cardinal adrien wilson coming up at 6:00. live in tempe, cameron cox, 12 sports. >> you talk about a legendary coach. a guy who did so much. and it is so incredible to hear him not only thanking his players and band and the cheer reeders -- cheerleaders. that is really nice. >> they you don't make them like that anymore. good stuff. still coming up ahead on 12 news at 5:00, we have weather. >> we have weather. >> because we have to make it a big deal today. >> it was pretty big deal today, i would say, considering that we're going to go down with two records in the record books. so we hit 100 degrees today out at phoenix sky harbor so we broke the previous record,
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also set a new record for the latest 100 ever on record. the previous one before that was october 23. so, again, it is just very hot out there for this time in october. so the rest of this evening is going to be just as toasty out there so we're going to keep it into the t 0 -- 90s all the way through 9:00. overnight tonight it is going to be nice, but it is definitely going to feel a lot milder out there, for sure. no we're going to cool down just in time for that. 78 to 85 for those trick-or- treaters. about -- between about 5:00 and 8:00 in the evening, we'll see light winds and clear skies. so here is a look at your temperatures right now. nobody in the triple digits right now. 98 at phoenix sky harbor. we have 60s up in the high country and some 70s as well. you probably noticed the high clouds moving in. take a look. we have a disturbance moving in off the coast there of california. it is bringing rainfall to that
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but here in arizona, it is just going to be all about those clouds and eventually another system will follow in behind that one and then another, and that will be the reason for a cool down that we see next week. take a look. monday, halloween, we're going to top out at 86 and we're going to stay in the 80s all the way through thursday. >> it is hard to believe we're 100 ted and it is snowing in new york. >> crazy. >> and coming up on 12 news at 5:00, he has performed on "america's got talent" and with orchestra. we'll introduce you too the next step of his road to making
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welcome back to auditioning for "america's got talent" to playing with the symphony, he is may making a big name for himself and he is set to release his first album called gratitude. >> we show how this lives life through his own beat. [ music ] >> my 11-year-old was born, he wouldn't stop trying -- crying, so i started to play him the flute and after that i started to play again and more and my wife wanted me to start performing more, and i started performing for elders, kids and stuff, and that's kind of where i kept it at.
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heartbreaking. no matter what i could do, i couldn't -- no matter how many jobs i had, i couldn't sustain the mortgage payments. you know, i'd rather be honest and rather than say o, yeah, it is coming up. it is exciting. it is nerve-racking. it is like a point of you and no one else around. you hear you hear everything, and it is just all you, and you can really reach down. you can find a really great peace. >> gratitude will be available on itunes starting tomorrow and hard copy also be available next week. >> beautiful music. still coming up next on 12 news at 5:00, it is our omg video of the day.
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that could not sideline this
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coming up on 12 news at 6:00, get ready for another trump trip to the valley. >> as the push for arizona continues, just 12 days away from the election. tonight at 10:00, the police honor the good samaritan who rescued a driver that was having a seizure and plunged special a chandler pond. the hero meets the officers who
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and finally new at 5:00, it is our omg individual quo of the day. this is about as hockey as it gets. oh, my goodness. lightning goal keeper ben bishop taking a puck to the face mask. it all happened during a game this week and there you see it, it knocked out his front teeth. get this, while most people, yeah, they would probably leave the game, bishop stayed and then he helped his team get the win. >> those hockey players are toab >> as hockey as it gets. >> oh, boy. 12 news is always on. you can get the latest news as it happens, no matter where you are on and your favorite social media channels.
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tonight, money trail. a hacked memo raises new questions about how the clintons struck it rich as hillary clinton hits the trail with her not-so-secret weapon. plus, the trump campaign's plan to win by making voters want to stay home. pateout rage. the cr agents protecting the candidates willing to take a bullet. so why aren't they tting paid for the extra hours? calls for congress to fix it. dramatic standoff. armed soldiers and police in riot gear clash with protesters at a tense pipeline standoff. tonight, word of arrests. and scammers busted. cameras capture the raid as authorities move in on a massive crime ring. callers posing as irs workers, their threats tricking americans into paying debts that


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